Comptons Gravy Salt & Snow Foam

The home of the famous "Comptons Gravy Salt". As the old advertising slogan used to read "ADSUM Comptons Gravy Salt". Still manufactured to the original recipe since 1925.

Comptons gravy salt makes proper gravy. Rich, tasty gravy. It always has, and the proud tradition continues to this day. We make Comptons Gravy Salt to the traditional recipe, dating back to 1925. As the old advertising slogan used to read "ADSUM Comptons Gravy Salt", you won't be disappointed with the genuine classic gravy taste of Comptons.

In an age where haute cuisine and fast food dominate two ends of the culinary spectrum, it is rewarding to know that the diners of Great Britain can still find a place for what they grew up with - good, traditional cooking with fine ingredients. Those who buy Comptons gravy salt know that they are not just buying a product, they're buying a taste of the familiar, comforting time when a Sunday dinner was the highlight of the week.

We also manufacture "Snowfoam" in the same traditional manner. This firm favourite with all discerning Ice Cream Manufacturers has not changed since 1907. Many of the best privately owned Ice Cream Companies use our Snowfoam to give their Ice cream that authentic delicious old fashoined taste that can't be beaten.

" ADSUM Comptons Gravy Salt"

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